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Delay of Game Chapter Four

Chapter Four He slumps contentedly against my chest. “Give me a moment, and then I’ll get up and get you a towel.” “I can’t move anyway,” I mumble. Somewhere, Wyatt finds the strength to heave himself off me and stumble into the bathroom. As promised, he returns with a towel and a wet washcloth and […]

Delay of Game, Chapter Three

Chapter Three “We’re friends.” I search his familiar gaze, one that I conjure up before I close my eyes at night and the one I seek out in my dreams, and for the first time I see something more than friendliness there. “And that’s all, right?” He takes a deep breath and then takes a […]

What I’m Working On

1) Broken Prince. This book is done and at the copyeditor! Elle Kennedy and I are so excited about this book. It’s a match for Paper Princess. The release date is July 25, 2016. Add it to your Goodreads shelf or pre order it: Digital: Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo Print: Amazon | Barnes […]

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