Lainey’s List Chapter Thirty

Nick “Great game, man!” “What a comeback!” “This man needs a drink!” The standing-room-only crowd at Mel’s Tavern shouts out their greetings when I step inside. While I hold the door open for Charlie and Reese, I hand out high-fives and handshakes. A Shiner Bock is shoved into my hand almost before I can get […]

What I’m Working On

1) Broken Prince. This book is done and at the copyeditor! Elle Kennedy and I are so excited about this book. It’s a match for Paper Princess. The release date is July 25, 2016. Add it to your Goodreads shelf or pre order it: Digital: Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo Print: Amazon | Barnes […]

Lainey’s List Chapter Twenty-Nine

  Lainey “Gosh, it’s good to see you.” Charlie gives me a hug at the door before I back away and let her in. It doesn’t take long for her to take in my house. It’s not much more than a sneeze of a place. Kitchen, living room, two bedrooms in the back, and one […]

Lainey’s List Chapter Twenty-Eight

Nick I know she’s gone before I open my eyes, before I stretch and feel the cool, empty space beside me. I tell myself it’s for the best. No tearful goodbyes. No pleas for me to stay one more minute when I’m itching to go. Granted, Lainey’s never cried in my presence or begged me […]

Lainey’s List Chapter Twenty-Seven

Lainey Nick’s hands clench in my hair, pulling the strands tight. Tears prick the corners of my eyes from the pain, but I don’t tell him to ease up. Not tonight. I want this. I want to feel everything. The pain, the ecstasy, the anticipation of both. The heavy weight of him on my tongue, […]

Lainey’s List Chapter Twenty-six

  Lainey Nick’s thumb strokes a line up and down the small of my back the entire ride up to the 12th floor. It’s probably the only elevator trip I’ve wished was longer. That subtle touch is generating goose bumps on every square inch of my flesh and my already barely there dress is feeling […]

LIFT 4 Autism Auction

Once again I’m participating in the LIFT 4 Autism Auction! This is a great charity auction, and I’m happy to be giving away a copy of Last Kiss! You can find my donation page here. The list of other awesome items up for auction here. I hope you’ll take the time to look into this great […]

Lainey’s List Chapter Twenty-five

  Nick “I haven’t read anything bad in the sports columns lately.” I know she follows these things for her job with Charlie, but I hate that she reads shit about me on these sites. “It was just a reporter stirring things up. They wanted a quarterback controversy but since Chip retired at the end […]

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