Charlotte Chronicles XXIV


“I’m going to sleep here tonight,” I whisper to Nathan as he and his brother and two other random people on the internet work together to kill enemies on their internet screen. He pauses the game and whips off his VR glasses.

“Hey,” Nick objects but cuts himself off when he sees Nate’s look. Nick says something in his microphone and pushes out of his chair. “I’m going to piss.” 

Nate waves him off. When the door to the game room closes, he turns to me. “How did you get the okay for that?” 

“I ate an entire sandwich today.”

“Is this code?”

I reach for the hair on the nape of his neck and feel him shiver against me. “I told my dad you were responsible for my increased appetite.”
“You didn’t,” he groans but his head dips down in an unspoken gesture for me to pet more of his head. 

Taking advantage of Nick’s absence, I straddle Nathan’s lap ostensibly so I can get a better angle for the head scratching but really I want his body next to mine. He’s so warm all the time. I love it. It’s like having my own personal heater. His hands drop to my hips and pulls me closer until the centers of bodies are flush against each other and this contact heats me up in a completely different way—from the inside out. I start to rub against him, drawing on the memories of our interaction last night. He made me feel amazing and I want to replicate those emotions over and over and over. As many times as I can. 

He groans and tightens his hold on my hips but doesn’t push me away. I tug on the hair at his nape and his face falls back obediently. When I kiss him, his lips are firm and soft and those remind me of that hard length that is pushing insistently against me. We kiss for a long time. They are lazy kisses. The types of kisses you exchange when you have all the time in the world, sitting on the beach or laying on a blanket at a concert in the park. They’re kisses that shut out the whole word so that it’s just you and him and everything on the periphery is a beautiful blur like an Impressionist painting. 

“I need to tell you something,” he says finally pulling away from me. I don’t want to stop and follow him as he draws back. Talking isn’t half as interesting as licking his tongue or having him give me tiny bites along my lower lip. 

I know what it is that he wants to tell me but I don’t really care about that nonsense but he isn’t deterred and pushes me back. With a serious face on, he holds me an arms width away. “Charlotte.” 

“I already know.” I say and when at his surprise, his grip weakens and I dive in for another kiss. 

Nathan dodges me and I end up with my lips on his ear. Fine. I haven’t spent much time here. I wiggle closer and run my tongue along the outer edge and down to his lobe. As I suck, he moans and his fingers clench on my butt. Ohh he likes it there so much. I smile to myself and store this knowledge away. He’s not able to speak until I pause to switch sides.

“Wait,” he pants out. “I have to—”

“That everyone at school thinks I’m pregnant because they know we’re having sex?” 

He tenses and then let’s out a breath, like he’s relieved. “Yeah. Who told you?”

“Greta texted me. Are you the father?”

“Who else?” 

“Would you like that?”

“Yes.”  There’s not a moment of hesitation and it fills me with so much joy that we’d have a family together someday. I can picture us now, taking our kid down to Navy Pier for the first time and riding the carousel. 

“But not now.” I tease him. 

He smirks and presses his lips against the base of my throat which sends a bolt right between my legs. I tip my neck back to give him greater access.  “How many will we have?”

“Two? Ten? I don’t care,” he murmurs against the soft vulnerable skin of my throat. 

“Two. I’m the one having them.”

“Good for me.” He swings me up in his arms. “Let’s go practice.”

I fasten my mouth to his, licking the inside of his mouth so thoroughly I could recreate it from memory. His response is to pick me up and carry me across the hall. The sound of his kicking the door shut no doubt declaring exactly what we’re doing inside his bedroom. 

Alone, we become frenzied. I’m pulling his t-shirt off and he’s got his hands at the buttons of my blouse. Somehow I find myself on my knees before him, pulling his jeans down. His erection is right at my face and it occurs to me that I’ve never done this before. I’ve never wanted to do this before but now, as his shorts jut out in front of me, it’s irresistible. Saliva pools under my tongue. Slowly I slide my hands up his thighs, the light coarse hair unfamiliar under my hands. I didn’t get to touch him enough last night. Above the waistband of his shorts, I see his abdomen contract. The surrounding air is thin as if Nathan has sucked it all inside him.

My fingers stop at the bottom of his boxer briefs and he rocks back slightly on his heels. 

“Do you want me to?” I ask looking up at him through my lashes. His face is shows strain and his eyes glitter in the afternoon light. 

“Only if you want to,” he answers hoarsely. At his side, his fingers are clenched like he wants to reach for me but is holding himself back.

“You’ll have to tell me what to do.” I slip my fingers over his shorts. There’s a wet spot where it looks like the tip of his head is and it’s got me all kinds of curious. Grabbing his waistband, I pull down until his dick is released. It pops out and points straight up. There’s a drop of liquid on the end which grows larger as I stare. In fact, I think his penis is also grower larger or maybe from this angle, so close up, it looks huge. I dab my finger on the fluid and suck it off. 

“Salty,” I say. “Not bad.”

“Shit, Charlotte,” he groans. “You’re killing me.” 

I shrug. “I’m just surprised. Other girls say it’s gross.”

“You don’t have to do this.” But his actions say that he wants it bad. He’s nearly trembling with the effort to not grab my head between his hands. Despite the fact that I’m on my knees, I realize I have so much power over Nathan right now. Like he’d do anything I’d ask of him. 

“I want to.” I stroke my finger over the dark red tip. It’s velvety soft. “I can’t stick the whole thing in my mouth though.” There’s a big vein on the top and I trace that from the top to the root. His dick bobs as if it is almost sentient, seeking more of my touch. 

With a choked laugh, he grabs the base and wraps a big fist around it. “Slide your lips down to the top of my hand.” 

“Where do I put my hands?” I ask wishing it was my hand around the base.

“Anywhere you want.” 

“Here?” I place my hands against his rock hard thighs. 

“Yes,” he pauses and then opens his hand to release himself. “Or you can hold on with both hands.”

I make a circle with my palms and slide them down over his penis. “Like this?”

He stumbles. “Shit. I can’t stand up.” With a breathless laugh, he toes off his jeans that I hadn’t gotten around to completely discarding. He pulls me up to my feet.

“But I want—“ 

He cuts me off with a firm kiss. “I know and so do I but I’m going to fall over because I’m so turned on so if you don’t mind, I’d like to sit on the end of the bed.” 

“You’re going to teach me to give you a good blow job, though, right?”

His eyes bright with desire and laughter, he croaks out. “The best.” 


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Charlotte XXIII


Nate is gone when I wake up. He was restless last night but I pretended to sleep. Cowardly I guess. I was afraid he had regrets and I didn’t want to hear them. I had no regrets. Sitting up I enjoy the pull on my muscles. The muscles in my upper back are tight from clutching his shoulders and between my legs I’m sore in places I didn’t realize got sore. My lips curve up in a sly smile. I feel so knowledgeable this morning. Like every risque joke ever told finally makes sense.

In the short time it takes to roll out of bed and pick up my phone from the nightstand, I’m already missing him. When mom laid out exactly why going to this specialty clinic in Europe made sense, I bought into it totally. I’d only be gone for a short time. The boys wouldn’t feel responsible for me if I overextended myself. And, maybe most importantly to me, they wouldn’t see me if I totally loss my memory or forgot how to walk.

The brain stem radiation and chemotherapy may result in the loss of gross and fine motor skills, they warned me. I might have to relearn how to even hold a fork or how to walk or catch a ball. Gingerly, I cupped the back of my head. Fluid is collecting there. We’re watching it and by “we” I mean mom, dad and my team of doctors. None of the Jacksons know. I don’t want them to. It’s rare for an older kid to get hydrocephaly or “water on the brain” and even rarer for it to develop months after the craniotomy.

“You’ve always been special,” Dad joked weakly when the doctors told us that they’d never seen a case like mine. That’s the real reason I’m going to Switzerland—to be studied and treated by an international team of experts and—more than likely—to have a permanent drainage tube installed in the back of my head.

Dr. Mosher said that there were plenty of functioning adults that had permanent shunts. It just meant no contact sports and no activities where I could fall on my head and break my shunt. In other words, no gymnastics. He suggested volleyball. I was too numb by then to respond so I shook my head and he probably took it for agreement.

But all that seems like a distant memory now. Usually I’m on my phone first thing in the morning, checking in to read my texts from friends at school. Right now I’m too busy examining my body.

My face doesn’t look different. I guess I thought I’d be able to see some outward sign that I no longer was a virgin. My hair is still short and my skin looks its general pale tone from lack of exposure to the sun. There are faint bruises on my hip bones and a few marks on my collarbone but Nate was apparently careful not to leave anything too incriminating. I’m both disappointed and relieved.

I flick off the Do Not Disturb on my phone and there about twenty text messages. Three of them are from Nathan. I skip the rest.

Nathan: You pushed me off the bed when I tried to kiss you good morning. Miss you already.

Nathan: U still sleeping? RU OK? Text me. On my way to class but will check phone.

Nathan: Charlotte. For real. Text me. 

I stop and take note of the time. It’s almost noon. I’ve slept for hours. No wonder he’s worried. I send him a response right away.

Charlotte: I just got up. Don’t know why I’m sooooo tired. ;)

He texts me immediately as if he’s been waiting.

Nathan: Christ. Gave me a heart attack. I won’t live until graduation at this rate.

I giggle at his exaggeration. I can just picture his serious face but his eyes would be smiling at me.

Charlotte:  Can’t have that now that I’ve just learned exactly why all the North Prep girls are chasing after you.

Nathan: There are other girls at North Prep. I only see you.

Oh. my. god. He slays me. I clutch my phone to my chest and the mirrored reflection shows that I’m wearing the silliest, stupidest, biggest grin ever.

Charlotte: You need to come to my room immediately after school.

Nathan: Nope. Meet me at MY room at 3:45.

Charlotte: Why?

Nathan: Because when you’re gone I want to lie in that bed and be surrounded by our memories.

I want to stick Nathan in my suitcase and carry him with me. My resolve wavers but a press of a hand against that soft spot on the back of my skull reminds me that my primary goal is to get better so that all my tomorrows are spent with Nathan, having a family, growing old together, making new memories.

Charlotte: I love you. Too much. Like my heart isn’t big enough to hold it all.

Nathan: My heart is big enough for both of us. I’m always going to take care of you C-girl.

Charlotte: Hurry back.

Nathan: Always.

I can’t erase my smile and it’s the thing that gives me away. Both my parents are in the kitchen when I finally leave my bedroom.  Normally it’s just one of them during the day and often they only pop in to check on me and then they’re gone for a few hours doing work stuff.  Mom’s cheeks look flushed and Dad’s wearing a smug and very satisfied grin. I recognize that grin. It’s…holy shit, my parents are home for a nooner.

“Sleep well, dear?” Mom asks, her tone completely cool despite the tinge of red around her cheeks.

“Yup,” I say. “Nathan’s a big comfort.

Dad coughs and shifts around with some discomfort as if he’s still trying to hide that sex exists in this world. I wonder if he was a horndog before he met my mom. I bet he was and that’s why he’s all embarrassed now. Past sins and all. He should be grateful I’m in love with his best friend’s son. And I tell him so.

“You should be happy it’s Nathan and not some random jerkface from school.”

“We are,” Mom answers and shoots Dad a repressive look. He merely grunts.

Inside the refrigerator I find the makings for a sandwich. Humming, I assemble bread, turkey, a couple slices of bacon and tomato along with lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. I’m ravenous and it takes me almost no time to demolish half the sandwich.

There’s a weird silence and when I look up from my plate I see both parents gaping at me.

“What?” I ask wiping a finger along the side of my mouth. “Do I have mayo on my face?”

Mom smiles but her lips are trembling with some kind of repressed emotion. Dad clears his throat and this time he talks for both of them. “It’s just nice that you have your appetite back.”

I take a big bite of the second half of my sandwich. “Um, okay. But it’s because of Nathan, you know,”  I say slyly, “he’s always on me to eat more.”

I hadn’t had much of an appetite before but now? Now I do. And I’m going to need to have a lot of fuel for the next two weeks that I have left with Nathan if last night was any indicator. My big ass grin is back but I hide behind my food this time.

My parents stare at me but eventually their faces grow big smiles too.

“Nate’s welcome any time,” Dad says as he watches me finish the last of my meal.

Even if it means that his baby is having sex I mentally translate. I’ll let Nathan know he can sleep under the covers tonight.

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I have been a contract killer since I was a boy. For years I savored the fear caused by my name, the trembling at the sight of my tattoos. The stars on my knees, the marks on my fingers, the dagger in my neck, all bespoke of danger. If you saw my eyes, it was the last vision you’d have. I have ever been the hunter, never the prey. With her, I am the mark and I am ready to lie down and let her capture me. Opening my small scarred heart to her brings out my enemies. I will carry out one last hit, but if they hurt her, I will bring the world down around their ears.


I’ve been sheltered from the outside world all my life. Homeschooled and farm-raised, I’m so naive that my best friend calls me Pollyanna. I like to believe the best in people. Nikolai is part of this new life, and he’s terrifying to me. Not because his eyes are cold or my friend warns me away from him, but because he’s the only man that has ever seen the real me beneath the awkwardness. With him, my heart is at risk..and also, my life.

Note: This is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger. The next book in the series will feature an entirely different female and male protagonist.  Word count for the book checks in at slightly over 100,000 words.

Mini Excerpt

I watch her through my bathroom window. I’ve placed one of my four rented chairs in here for that express purpose. I tell myself it is not creepy, as the American girls would say, because I watch everyone. But really I watch only her.

I cannot see everything. I’ve never seen her nude. I’ve never seen inside her shower. Smartly there is no window there. But I can see her bedroom and her living room and beyond that, with my scope, her kitchen. I know her schedule. When she gets up in the morning, when she returns to her apartment. If she were a mark, I could’ve killed her a dozen times over by now and been in the wind.

She throws her bag onto her bed and then lies down next to it. It takes many muscles to smile, much less to frown but only a few to pull the trigger. I peer down the scope and place my crosshairs over her forehead. Puff, dead.

You can read an additional short featuring the couple. Jessica Clare and I wrote this as a holiday treat for our fans.


Charlotte XXII


“Nathan.” She clutches at my shoulders which are slippery from the sweat I’ve worked up loving every inch of her body. My name is a trembling whisper on her lips and like every other word sigh, and exclamation that has come out of her mouth I tuck it into my memory bank, overwriting every other girl who has ever been with me before.

Leaning down, I gently press my lips against hers losing myself in her taste. Kissing her is more erotic and more moving than all the other times I’ve stuck my dick into someone else’s body. I can’t envision wanting more than her ever.

I hiss at the sensation of her tightening around me, hugging me so tautly that it’s hard to withdraw. Instinct takes over and my hips begin thrusting against her harder and faster until I release all the tension that has pooled at the base of my spine. Replete with satisfaction, I collapse on her. She doesn’t even flinch at the heaviness of my body pressing her further into the mattress. Charlotte is worn out after the second go around.

“Sorry,” I mumble against the damp skin of her neck.

“Mmmhmmm,” she says. Her hands trail over my shoulder blades and down, parallel to my spine. Despite having just enjoyed the hell out of her for the third time tonight I feel myself harden, in response.

“No,” she laughs. “I can’t. Not again.”

“Just ignore me,” I say. Jesus, I’ve never been this horny. I should be satisfied and I am, really. It’s just that everything about her turns me on right now. With what I feel is a superhuman effort I push off from her body and tug the condom off carefully. In the bathroom, I wrap it in toilet paper and shove it to the bottom of the trash can along with the previous rubber victim.

I gulp down two glasses of water from the sink and then fill the third one up for Charlotte.

“Here,” I offer.

She takes the glass with a grateful look and drains half of it before handing the glass to me. I set it down on the nightstand.

“Now what?” she asks.

I glance at the clock. Our parents are likely to be home in a half hour. “Now we go to your room and I lie like a nice boy on top of the covers while you’re underneath them.”

“What’s the point of that?” she raises an eyebrow.

“It makes us look good. Like we’re not fooling around, just spending innocent time together.”

“My dad only thinks one of us is innocent.”

I wink at her. “Me, right?”

She tosses a pillow at me but it falls far short. I pull on my discarded sweatpants and a t-shirt and gather up her clothes. Tossing them on the bed, I head to tell Nick where we’ll be going.

“Over to Charlotte’s for the night,” I say. “Thirty minutes until the ‘rents are home.”

I hear enough scuffling to recognize that Nick’s got another person in his room.

“Who’s in there with him?” Charlotte whispers to me. Turning I see she’s dressed and her hair has lost that just fucked look that I am starting to love. I suppose I’ll find long strands of dark hair in my brush tomorrow but rather than being irritated, I’m kind of looking forward to it. Not that I’m going to weave a friendship bracelet but I like having things that Charlotte’s touched in my possession. I figure it will make our separation easier.

“Don’t know,” I shrug. I take her hand and walk down the hall toward the service hallway. “Don’t care either.” There are a few girls in our building that Nick could be nailing but I’m not going to guess which one. He’ll tell me in the morning. I wonder if Charlotte knows what a manwhore he is. Probably.

“I wonder if it is Nicole,” she muses. Yup, she knows all about Nick’s tendencies. We’re as close as one family and so secrets are hard to keep around here. Our newfound physical connection isn’t one we’ll be able to keep from our parents for long. I wonder how bad Uncle Bo will hurt me when he figures it out. He is my godfather, but I’m guessing he won’t go light on me.

Maybe Dad will intervene and explain that it was inevitable because it was. Our timeline just sped up because Charlotte got sick and now she’s leaving. I know I need to tell her about my plans before she goes but I don’t want to ruin everything now. I’ll wait. The day before she leaves I’ll tell her because that was just as inevitable as our getting together and if she thinks about it she’ll know I’m right.

“What kind of treatment are you going to get over there?” I ask as we climb into Charlotte’s bed.

“Just chemo and radiation followed intensive physical therapy.” she snuggles under the blankets, her thin body needing the extra heat that mine does not. “They say that because it’s directed at my brain stem there might be loss of motor skills, both fine and gross. And there’ll be tutors for various subjects so I can get caught up. I’ll probably have to have more physical therapy and tutoring when I come back this summer.” She plucks at the covers. “What’ll you do this summer?”

This would be the time to tell her that I plan to enlist in the Navy right after she leaves so that I’ll be able to start boot camp immediately upon graduation. Delayed Enlistment Program allows me to sign up and then request the earliest possible boot camp date. It’s the one secret I’ve kept from everyone except Nick but I’ll need my dad’s signature on the papers since I’m seventeen. But I know if I say this that she’ll beg me not to go and I’ll cave because I’ve never been able to say no to Charlotte. Not ever. But if I enlist then I’m bound by a contract to the US government to not only go to boot camp but stay in the military for four years. I’m hoping that contract is enough of a barrier to defend against her.

“I’m planning for our future,” I say.

“I love you,” she whispers as I pull her against me, the blankets serving as a pretty damn effective barrier. I can’t feel even one curve of her body through them.

“Love you too,” I say and kiss her temple. As we fall asleep, my mind wanders to that scene in another old movie where the elf princess wanders through the forest grief stricken because she outlived her king. That’s not going to be Charlotte and me but the image persists and despite all the evening activity my sleep is restless.

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I never really knew what misery was until the day I was kidnapped and sold for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two months later, I’m at a brothel in Rio when I meet Daniel Hays. He says he’s here to save me, but can I trust him? All I know of him is his sarcastic retorts and his tendency to solve every dispute with his gun. He’s also the only safe thing in my world, and I know it’s wrong to fall in love with him, but I can’t seem to help myself. He says he’ll protect me until his last breath but I don’t know if I should believe him or even if I can.


For the last eighteen months, I’ve had one goal that has dictated every action I’ve taken. I’ve left the Army, turned paid hit man, and have befriended criminals all across the globe to find my kidnapped sister. In every brothel I raid or every human trafficking truck I stop, I hope the next face I find is my sister’s. In a hidden brothel in Rio, I find Regan Porter, bruised by not broken and still sane despite her weeks in captivity. I should leave her behind or send her home because the last thing either of us needs right now is to get involved. But with every passing minute, I find I can’t let her go.


This is a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a wickedly sexy alpha male with a heart of gold, a kick ass heroine who is all sorts of brave and a great story line of how far someone will go and what they will sacrifice to ultimately save the one they love… — Jackie Kluyts, Kiwibooknerd

This series has become a new favourite. The first book was amazing and Last Breath was just as amazing if not more. — Julia’s Book Haven

I thought both Daniel and Regan were interesting and wonderful characters, and I loved getting to see them work through their issues and find a way to fall for each other. I’m happy to report that Clare and Frederick knocked this one out of the park for me. — Minnchica, The Bookpushers

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Charlotte XXI

Don’t forget that Last Breath comes out on March 24, 2014. It’s available for pre order at all the retailers except BN.



“Never,” I vow. “It will always be Nathan and Charlotte.”

Her lips looked shiny and big, puffed up from my attentions. I can barely breathe. Worse, I’m afraid I’m not going to last long enough to make it good for her. I lean down to kiss her again. I wish I had saved myself for her. I wish I had never kissed another girl, touched any breasts other than hers, slid my fingers inside any other female.

With each kiss and caress, I wipe away memories of everyone but her. When her clever tongue flicks across my lips and rubs against the side of mine, I’ll never taste anything sweeter. The heady scent of her arousal and the faint peach fragrance from her lotion surrounds me. My hands mold her body, memorizing each curve and arch. I’m absorbing her essence so that I’ll carry her with me forever.

“I’m ready,” she says. Her words are punctuated by tiny pants that make my heart beat faster. In an effort to collect myself, I lean forward and lick her breasts first one and then another until she’s convulsing around me again. I’m torn because I don’t want to pull my fingers from her hot, wet embrace but I also want my dick inside her so badly. I worry that it might break off if I don’t get relief. I pump my fingers and she tightens all around me. “Oh please, Nathan.”

I don’t want her to beg me even though it sends an illicit thrill down my spine. Regretfully I pull my fingers out and we both groan, one part dismay and one part pleasure.

“Shh,” I whisper and stretch out to grab a condom from under the pillow where I stashed it before I left this morning. She reaches down toward my stiff dick and I jerk away. “I’m sorry,” I tell her. “I can’t have you touch me.”

“Why? Am I not doing it right?” Her voices sounds plaintive.

“God no.” I grab her hands and place them on my chest. “I’m just a hair trigger away of embarrassing myself and making your first time a huge disappointment.”

“You’d never disappoint me.” Her fingers skim over my chest.

“I will if I don’t start thinking of something other than getting inside you,” I say ruefully. I pull her hands away from me and fold them between mine. Pressing a kiss on the backs of her fingers, I pull her hands over her head. Instinctively she arches her back, thrusting her breasts toward my mouth. Her rigid nipples are taunting me. And somehow she knows how tempting she is in this position because she undulates seductively.

Hurriedly, I grab a condom and sheath myself.

When I reach between her legs, she’s still wet. There are streaks of blood on my fingers but rather than turning me off, the sight of it thrums like a drumbeat in my head. Only mine. This is the proof of how she’ll belong only to me. I hide my look of smug satisfaction by surreptitiously wiping my fingers along the side of my comforter.

With one hand bracing my body, I grab my dick and rub the head against her soft opening. She smiles tremulously at me when I slide slowly inside her. At the first contact, I nearly blow my load and there’s a little devil that is urging me to plow her hard and fast. The heat of her body is setting me on fire. Squeezing my eyes shut, I concentrate on breathing slow and steady and the pressing need to rut like an animal eases off enough so I can gather a little self control.

When I open my eyes, I see hers tight around the edges. This is painful for her and I hesitate thinking I should shove off because I can’t stand hurting her even the tiniest bit anymore. At one time, I’d get mad at her because I started thinking and feeling things I knew I shouldn’t be thinking or feeling so I’d lash out with a sharp criticism. All I want now is to see her smile and make her laugh.

But she senses my reluctance and pulls me down. “It doesn’t hurt at all,” she lies.

“Don’t.” I shake my head. “Always tell me how you feel so I can make it better. It’s all I want—all I’ll ever want.”

Waiting for her body to adjust to mine is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My legs are starting shake but I’ll stay in this position with just the tip inside for as long as it takes. When I feel her relax I push in a little more and we do this dance of pausing and inching forward a little at a time until I’m fully seated. When I’m snug against her, her mouth forms a little circle as if she can’t believe we fit. But we’re a perfect match. She’s made for me and I for her.

“Put your arms around my neck,” I tell her. “I’m going to move now. You’ll need something to hang on to.”

She does as I instruct and by the slumberous gaze and the way her limbs have tighten all around me, I know she’s with me. I press my forehead against hers and watch her expressive eyes as I stroke in and out of her in slow, measured movements. Each drag along her tissues is the first of its kind and the wonderment and delight is driving me out of my mind. I’ll never forget this moment.

As the path becomes slicker and easier, I begin to speed up and her thighs are clinging to my hips. I kiss her, sipping from her lips at first and then thrusting my tongue into her mouth as I’m thrusting between her legs. She’s moaning and shuddering under me. I can feel my orgasm building and I need her to come before me. Her need before mine always. I move my hips, altering my pattern and listen intently until I hear her breath hitch as I catch the right spot. Then I work that over and over until her moans turn to cries.

“Let go, sweetheart,” I whisper against her mouth. “I got you. Let go.”

Dipping a hand between us, I circle and press her tender flesh until I can actually feel the rhythmic clenching and unclenching of her body as she comes. It’s the sign I’ve been waiting for and all my control vanishes. Mindlessly I thrust into her as my own pleasure overtakes me. Her hips rise to meet mine and her nails dig into my shoulders. She’s taking everything I have and demanding more. I’m no longer gentle or caring because I’m beyond that. I’m in another plane where I’m controlled by my lust and desire for her but her passionate cries in my ear tell me she’s there too. Finally I jet what seems like buckets of come into the condom, my body jerking against hers.

I collapse on the bed and roll to the side, careful to remain inside her. I should immediately withdraw and take care of the condom but I need to hold her. She’s shuddering against me, her whole body shaking with the bliss of our joining. I stroke her shoulders and press small kisses along her shoulder and neck inhaling the scent of her hair and of us.

After we both catch our breaths, she speaks with deep satisfaction. “God, Nathan, I want to do this again a thousand times.”

Grinning at her, I say, “me too.”

She runs her fingers through my hair and laughs and the sound of it goes into my ears and straight into my dick. The sudden hardness inside of her causes her eyes to widen. “So soon?”

“Yup.” My grin gets bigger. Hope she’s not too sore tomorrow.

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Charlotte XX


We do exactly as he says. Nick knocks to tell us the pizza is being delivered. Nathan helps me off the bed. The pizza, sodas, milk, and water is all set up in the media room.

Grace Jackson comes in on a cloud of perfume and gives me a warm kiss on the forehead. Her eyes are glowing with affection as she looks at the three of us sitting on the floor, ready for the movie to start. We’re watching The Outsiders, a movie that was old even when Aunt Grace and mom went to college. Uncle Noah gestures for Nate to step into the hallway.

“You’ll need these.” She hands me a box of tissues.

“Thanks mom,” Nick mocks, ripping the box away from my hands. He pulls out a tissue and dabs away pretend tears from his hazel eyes, a replica of his mother’s. I punch him at the same time that Grace ruffles his hair. He ducks both of us but tips over causing us all to laugh.

“Love you both.”

“Love you too,” we chorus in unison. He’s still lying on his back so it looks like he’s saying it to the ceiling.

His mom rolls her eyes and leans down to pat me on the cheek. “Follow your heart,” she says and turns to walk out the door.

“As long as it leads into Nate’s pants.” Nick waggles his eyebrows but unfortunately for him Nate has returned from the hallway and he delivers a punch to Nick’s arm that sends him tipping backward again. This time when Nick is rolling on the floor it’s because of pain and not laughter.

“Ratdick.” Nate calls him.

“Assface.” Nick returns.




“Fuck knuckle.”

Before Nate can return yet another insult, I shove a piece of pizza in his face. Unrepentantly, he simply takes a giant bite of the pizza and winks at me over the slice in my hand.

“This movie is supposed to be about brotherly love.” I shove another slice toward Nick and the insults die down as the movie starts.

“This looks like it should be in black and white.” Nick comments.

“With no sound,” Nate adds.

All is well in the world again. I settle back against Nate’s hard chest as we watch the three Curtis brothers fight, fall in love, and die. By the end of the movie I’m making good use of the tissues and even the Jackson boys are looking suspiciously tense.

“I’m calling you Ponyboy from now on,” Nate finally says after clearing his throat a couple of times.

“Better than Sodapop,” Nick retorts.

“No, I’m Darry,” Nate says. “I’m the oldest.”

“You’d both be Socs,” I interject, throwing my tissues into one pizza box that the boys emptied by the middle of the movie. “Not Greasers.”

“We’d never be Socs, Charlotte,” Nick explains. “No one wants to be Socs, even the Socs.”

With a pointed look around the room, I pick up the box and head for the kitchen. The media room has theater seats and a projection screen that is the size of an entire wall. Ponyboy would just about die if he saw this place.

“Do you think we have too much?” I ask Nate who has followed me out with the empty bottles and remaining pizza.

“All the time,” he answers. Taking the box from me, he throws it into the incinerator and places the rest of the food into the refrigerator. His words sound so fervent as if our privilege is something he need to apologize for.

“I can’t see you being mean to someone who wasn’t as fortunate as you,” I say.

“No but I want to see if I can make it without the Jackson name or the Jackson money,” he replies evenly but his eyes are intent upon but I can’t read the deeper meaning that’s there.

“I believe in you.” I lean into him and his arms curl around me. He buries his face into my hair and we stand there, holding one another while the appliances hum quietly in the background.

“I won’t let you down,” he whispers but while his volume is low his words are firm and commanding.

“I know. I trust you.”

He trembles almost imperceptibly in my arms and I squeeze tight as if I can deliver all that emotion right into his veins and into his heart. Without another word, he lifts me in his arms like I’m featherlight and carries me out of the kitchen, down the corridor and into his bedroom.

“Goodnight Nick,” he yells out.

“Glove up. I’m too young to be an Uncle,” Nick yells back.

I bury my face into Nate’s chest embarrassed that Nick will know exactly what we’re doing in Nate’s bedroom.

He sets me gently on the bed and crouches down in front of me. Rubbing the inseam of my jeans along my calf, he assures me, “Nothing happens tonight that you don’t want.”

But I’ve wanted for so long, it seems. Even though I know that’s not rational it’s as if Nate and I were born for each other. At least that’s what I dream of. “I want it all,” I declare. This time I have no embarrassment because it is Nate and this is right. He gives me a slow smile tinged with something that I’ll later be able to define as dirty. But right now it looks hot on him.

“All right,” he says and those are the last words he says for a long time. He rises up and places both arms on either side of my body and fixes his warm mouth on mine. We fall back onto the bed in a tangle of limbs.When his tongue slides over the seam of my lips, I part them and am rewarded with a hot, open mouthed kiss.

Everything about Nathan feels different right now. His skin is warmer and firmer under my fingers. I glide over the curve of his shoulders and the down his back where his muscles bunch under my touch. The weight of his legs against mine is even better when I part my thighs. He settles between them as naturally as if we’ve been in this position a hundred times instead of our first time.

And against my most sensitive region he is thick and hard against me. My heart trips a couple of times in excitement and even a little fear. But the fear fades with each passing kiss and each caress. His entire body seems propped up by one strong arm bent at the elbow while the other hand finds the delicate skin at my waist. I shake in response to that small touch.

His mouth breaks away from mine and he murmurs softly against my temple, “We aren’t doing anything that you aren’t ready for.”

“It felt wonderful,” I tell him and seek out his mouth again. When he returns to kissing me, I pull my shirt up higher so that there is more skin for him to touch and this time it is his body that responds with a tremor.

I never want to stop kissing him but as his fingers trace along my ribs and move higher until his palm is resting right below my right breast, I think possibly that I may never breath again. When he broke away a second time it is so he can kiss my neck and then lower. As his head moves down my body, his hand pushes my shirt higher until my breast is exposed to the air, to the dusky light, to his hot gaze. And his mouth. The sensation is so foreign, so delicious, so amazing, my back bows and I clutch at his head. “Nathan,” I say in shock and delight.

Somehow he is able to interpret this and he continues he attentions. He uses his lips, tongue and even his teeth on first one and then the other breast. Inside my head and my body, I’ve lost all control. It’s as if I’m on a ride at the Navy Pier and I’m out of my mind with joy and excitement. When he moves even lower, I suck in my breath. He places soft kisses all along the tops of my jeans. They are wet kisses and I can hear the sounds he’s making as well as feel the wet warm trail he’s leaving across my abdomen.

“Can I take these jeans off, Charlotte?” he asks, his voice gruff and tender.

I squirm on the bed. “Please. Please do.”

His deft hands pop my button and lower my zipper. I’ve my nicest pair of panties on. They aren’t super sexy but they have a nice lace around the top and a small bow at the front. He releases a long, slow sigh—almost a moan and the air from his body dances across my skin, alternatingly warming me and raising gooseflesh.

The jeans come off and he’s between my legs again and he places his mouth directly over the center of my panties. “Oh my god.” I cry out at the sensation. His laugh is low and naughty.

“No god here,” he says smugly, his lips against my inner thigh. “Only me, Nathan.”

“Are you going to…” I ask breathlessly.

“Yes,” he says and he does. At first I am embarrassed but after a few licks, the sensations are good to be embarrassed. This is what he meant when he said he was going to make it so good for me. I can’t believe how amazing his mouth feels between my legs. And from the sounds he’s making, it’s evident to me he is enjoying this too which makes me even more excited.

And as he licks me and gently strokes me with his fingers, I close my eyes and let euphoria take me away. It’s one giant endless loop of pleasure and fierce happiness. When one of those fingers pushes inside of me, my eyes fly open.

“Oh Charlotte,” he moans and the vibration rumbles through every part of my body, “I’m so glad that I’m your first. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.” He climbs on top of the bed again so that he’s half draped over me, his heavy leg lying over one of mine and his head tucked close to my shoulder. All the while, he’s slowly gliding his finger in and out of me, until that feeling of tense ecstasy begins to build again. He doesn’t stop stroking me not even after I’m crying out his name again and shaking like a leaf from the sensations that he’s eliciting with just his finger and his mouth.

“I’m glad it’s you,” I say after my shuddering has stopped. He slides his finger out of me and disrobes quickly. My eyes widen at the sight of his erection. It’s at least four fingers in diameter and far, far longer than even his middle finger. I gulp and turn away so as not become frightened. He sits me up and removes my shirt so I’m nude except for the panties he had pulled back up.

He kisses me again, soft at first and then demanding—his hard length lying rigidly against the side of my hip. He dips his hand inside my panties again and the fear that I had after seeing his penis is quickly forgotten under the onslaught of desire he stokes.  This time he pushes two fingers inside and soon I’m arching toward every touch.

“Promise me it will always be me,” he says fiercely.

“I promise.” How could I not promise? I’ll never want another person to touch me in this way. Never. But a fierce surge of possessiveness washes over me. “And you’ll never have another besides me?” I demand.

“Never,” he vows. “It will always be Nathan and Charlotte.”

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Charlotte XIX


At 3:45 pm I get a text from Greta.

u need to talk to ur boy nate. He totes got a rager today over innocent comment.

The text makes me frown because that doesn’t sound like him at all. He’s the patient, steady one. Nick is the hot head. I don’t send her a text back immediately because I’d rather hear from Nate what went down. The phone dings again but I don’t read it. I just know it isn’t either of the Jackson boys.

It’s hard not to be in classes with them because my whole day consists of eating, sleeping, and working on booklets that are my temporary replacement for classes. I’ve no motivation for doing any of those things. Occasionally, if the weather isn’t too cold, one of my parents will take me out for a walk like I’m the family dog. You faint one time on the elevator and you’re never allowed out of the house alone.

The one part of leaving that actually appeals to me is the idea that I might have a little more freedom. But for now, I spend most of my time waiting for the boys to get home because that’s when my real life starts.

I don’t rush them, though. They might need to work out or they might have homework. But every nerve in my body is straining toward their side of the building. The walls are too thick and too well insulated for me to hear the doors slam shut or the thud of their footsteps against the tile or wood floors, but my heart is so attuned to them, particularly Nate, that I know instantly when they arrive home.

I can see them in my minds eye jostling each other as they walk down the hall, their backpacks hanging off one shoo slder. Nick enters his room first, tosses his backpack on the floor, and flops down into his red and black gaming chair. He’ll play some kind of networked game with kids halfway across the world. He once told his parents that he was learning a second language. It wasn’t a lie either, they just didn’t know the second language was primarily sex words.

Nate follows. He’s slower, more precise of the two. Or maybe he’s just looking out for Nick like he does for me. Nate is always watchful. He sets his bag on his desk carefully and unpacks everything that he needs to address. In the past, we would have made plans on the way home from school. I’d do my homework and come over. But now I wait.

He must decide I’m more important than gaming or homework because my stomach does cartwheels at about 4:35 pm. He’s coming. I hear him greet Dad and then the sound of a hand slap. That’s probably Dad hitting Nate a bit too hard to remind Nate who’s in charge. But tonight Mom and Dad and Noah and Grace are going to a business function—a party really. They won’t be home until late. We’ll be alone for hours.

I try to suppress my wide grin so that Dad doesn’t have a heart attack when he sees me. There’s a knock.

“Nate’s here, honey,” Dad says through the door. He never opens it anymore, not since that one time when Greta stayed over and changed in the middle of the bedroom instead in my en suite bathroom. It was like she wanted to be seen which would be utterly gross. I get that girls think Dad is attractive, but please. He’s my dad.

“Okay Daddy!” I throw open the door and my gaze skips by Dad with his furrowed brow right to beam at Nate who is standing slightly behind Dad at the doorway.

“Mom says you should come over and have dinner tonight. She ordered in Lou Malnati’s for us.”

Lou Malnati’s is famous for its deep dish pizza. The crust is different, almost pastry-like in its flakiness.

“Sounds great.”

“Bring some homework. I’ve got about three chapters of American History to read along with a biochem quiz to study for.”

The recitation of all Nate’s homework has inverse reactions from me and Dad. The lines on his forehead disappears and he turns slightly to clap Nate on the shoulder. “Charlotte has plenty of work to keep her occupied, don’t you honey?”

“Yes,” I say glumly and go over to my desk and pick up a couple of my booklets. They are mostly full of rudimentary math concepts as well as logic quizzes and memorization drills. The radiation and chemotherapy used to kill the cancer cells in my skull has affected my brain function so I guess I’m brain damaged. Literally. I hate this but my doctors say that with time, I should be able to catch up with my peers. With time. Everything is going to take time. I kind of hate that saying. “Have fun tonight Daddy.” I give him a kiss on the cheek. “Your mom will be by in thirty minutes,” he says with a return hug.I trudge behind Nate as we walk down the service hall that connects the two units. “Think if we move that the new people will want to close this down?” he asks.”No,” I gasp. “No one’s moving from this place.””Charlotte,” he chides. “We aren’t going to live here forever.””Why not?” I know I sound grumpy but the idea that I have to do homework better suited to fifth graders instead of spending time exploring Nate’s fine body has already set my mood ring to white. Now he’s trying to tell me that we aren’t going to be neighbors forever? It’s like he wants me to be in a bad mood all night long. “Because we should be somewhere that has a lot of space.””We?” I ask, perking up.”Yes, we,” he smiles down at me and suddenly I’m happy again.

Nate’s parents say hi to us as we walk down the hallway toward the bedrooms but we don’t stop. Instead Nate opens the door to his room and after I slip inside, he enters and closes the door behind him.

Taking the booklets from my hands, he tosses them on the desk and then picks me up and tosses me right onto the bed!

“Nate!” I squeal when he launches himself and lands right beside me.

With a laugh, he buries his head into my neck which causes my entire body to melt and tingle. “Did you really think we were going to do homework all night?”

I bat uselessly at his shoulder. “Um, yes?”

He rolls onto his back but pulls me with him so that I’m tucked next to his body, my head pillowed on his shoulder and his arm is wrapped around my back. His fingers are curved around my waist and I feel fully surrounded by his warmth.

“Nah, we had the biochem test today. Pop quiz and I read my history chapters during study hall.” He tilts his head awkwardly down at me. “Do you need to study?”

“No,” I state emphatically.

He smiles and then rests his head back against the pillows. “Good. We’ll eat, watch a movie with Nick, and then…”

His voice trails off but I know. I know exactly what that silence stands for. Finally.

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Charlotte XVIII


By the end of the day it’s clear that what started at lunch has spread like a venereal disease throughout the entire school. Guys are smirking at me and girls are looking speculative. No one but Sinclair Pennington has the guts to talk to me. Sinclair’s a sophomore and has had a few classes with Charlotte but I never knew that they were friends.

She stops me after last period before I’m headed home. Nick is waiting for me by the exit doors and by waiting, I mean he’s got one hand on same random’s ass while his head is buried in her neck. I can’t tell from this distance who it is nor do I care. Dad told us to respect girls. As far as I can tell Nick’s version of respecting females is giving each one the same amount of attention.

“Um, hey Nathan,” she says as I pull my jacket from my locker.

“Yeah?” I fish around the side pocket for my keys. Flipping them in my hand, I whistle. Nick pulls his head from the girl’s neck and gives me a nod.

After seeing my acknowledgment he returns to his girl, this time plastering his mouth against hers. She tries to climb him like a tree so I guess it’s all good.

“Is Charlotte better? Rumor has it she’s coming back to school soon.” She trots alongside me because I don’t make any effort to regulate my pace to match hers. Sinclair’s an awkward girl, all limbs, braces and terrible haircut. She trips right when we reach Nick and falls into his back. Even I cringe at this. Grabbing her arm, I set her upright. Her face is bright tomato red and I choke back a laugh because the last thing this poor girl needs is anyone snickering at her.

Nick catches his balance and tightens his grip on his companion who I now see is senior Abby Halifax. She’s a friendly sort of girl and one that probably doesn’t mind that Nick’s attention is shorter than the lifespan of a lightning bug. They both turn to look at Sinclair whose eyes in pinned to the floor. She wishes that it would swallow her.

“Watch were you’re going,” Abby spits out clearly unhappy that her time with Nick has been interrupted.

“Sorry,” Sinclair mumbles into her shoes.

“No worries.” Nick gives Abby another quick kiss and a pat on the ass that is clearly designed to signal her departure but she sticks around, leaning against his body as if he’s her personal resting post. But her eyes aren’t on Nick; they’re roving over me and I feel a little uncomfortable as she rubs herself against one Jackson while stripping the other mentally. I allow my jacket to fall forward, covering half my chest and my crotch.

“Spoilsport,” she mouths.

Shaking my head, I brush by all three of them. I want to get home and see Charlotte. Behind me I hear murmurs and then two sets of footsteps. Christ I hope Nick isn’t bringing Abby home with us. Spinning around, I open my mouth to confront him only to see Nick and Sinclair. There’s a worried look on her face and since she mentioned Charlotte, I figure I better find out what it is.

“Did you have something you wanted me to tell Charlotte?” I ask.

Sinclair grimaces and blurts out, “It’s all over school that she’s pregnant and doesn’t have cancer at all.”

Nick and I exchange looks filled with equal parts anger and alarm.

“She’s not. And the assholes that say she doesn’t have cancer are sick in their heads.” Other words, ones that were more profane sit on the tip of my tongue. The rumor mill at North Prep is crazy. From Charlotte and I having sex to her being pregnant and faking cancer in under three hours? That must be some kind of fucked up record.

“I just thought…” she trails off.

“Yeah?” Nick prompts, not so visibly angry like me. Sinclair melts under the heat of his smile so before she turns into go, I snap my fingers. They both jerk to attention.

“What?” I bark. This flusters her again and Nick glares at me. I gesture for him to take over.

“He’s more bark than bite,” Nick tells her in soothing tones. “But we all care about Charlotte. What’s going on?”

“I know Charlotte would never lie about anything like this but some girls are jealous of how protective of her you are. How both of you are so careful with her and that maybe now that everyone is older she’s worried she’s losing you so she made up this story to tighten her hold.” She barely takes a breath through the whole…what. Confession? Warning?

“Her hold?” I stare at her incredulously. This conversation is over. Behind me Nick is thanking Sinclair and telling her that everyone will get their turn with him. That makes me laugh.

“That’s pretty fucking strange,” Nick comments as he catches up with me. “You telling Charlotte or you doing it?”

“I’m not telling her jack.” I shake my head. There’s no reason for Charlotte to ever find out about this crap.

Nick frowns. “If we don’t tell her she’ll hear it from someone else and it’s going to be even more distorted.”

I hit the locks and we both climb into the Audi that is designated for our use. Dad has told me a hundred times this isn’t my car. He thinks we’re going to end up completely worthless if we are given everything but since we’re the only ones that drive this car, it seems like an empty lesson. But I get it. Ever since I was a sophomore people have been asking me where I’m going to college but a degree in business has never held any interest for me. There’s a way for me to live up to my dad’s expectations but it doesn’t involve more school when I graduate.

“No.” I’m emphatic. “She’s got three more weeks here. By the time she gets back from Switzerland, they’ll have moved on to something else. I want her to be able to enjoy her last years at North Prep without this hanging over her head.”

Nick screws up his face but while he might disagree with me, we’re a unit. He’ll back me one hundred percent. “I’ll keep my ears open. If anything changes…”

“Agreed. If something changes then we tell her.”

At home, Nick starts in on his homework and I open my emails.

I’ve made contact with your local recruiter. He’s expecting a call from you. Appreciate it if you’d let your parents know. Don’t like keeping this from your old man.


I send a quick response.

Thanks! I’ll call ASAP.  Situation with Charlotte tense. She leaves in three weeks. Will tell them after.


“Why not tell us now?” I whirl to see Nick standing slightly behind me and obviously reading my emails.

With an apologetic smile, I say, “Because if I tell mom and dad, they’ll tell Bo and AM who’ll tell Charlotte and I’m not ready for her to know.”

“Because she’ll go ballistic.”

“Yeah.” I grab the football and throw it to Nick. He catches it, settles back into his chair and tosses it back. This is how we think. “I figured I’d have all this time with her but with her going away, the most I’ll have is seven weeks. Three now and four when she comes back.”

“If she comes back by then.” He points out.

There’s a little more heat on the return pass I send Nick’s way and he grunts when the ball thuds against his chest. “When she comes back.” Because if she doesn’t come back by her birthday in May I might not see her until I’m done with Basic. And from there I’ll be shipped out to who knows where.

“I’ll be here.” Nick reminds me.

“But I want to be.” I hold the ball and flip it in the air and catch it myself.

“Then don’t go.”

As if it’s so easy.

“I don’t want to go to B school. I’m not interested in sports like you. Serving like Dad did or Bo or Gray is the right way for me to do something meaningful. Otherwise I’m sitting on my thumb taking advantage of everything that Dad and Mom worked so hard to achieve.”

“You could do AmeriCorps or volunteer for a year instead of doing something that might end up with you dead. Not easy to protect Charlotte if you’re not around.”

I scoff. “Not gonna happen to me.”

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